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How to Build Your Own Unblocked Gaming Website for School

Published on June 10, 2024

How to Build Your Own Unblocked Gaming Website for School


With increasing restrictions on gaming sites at schools, having a personal unblocked games website can be a great way to enjoy your favorite games without limitations. This guide will walk you through the process of creating and customizing your own unblocked games website.

Choosing Google Sites for Your Project

Why Google Sites?

Google Sites offers an easy-to-use platform that is often not blocked by school networks. Its simple interface and robust customization options make it an ideal choice for creating your unblocked games website.

  • Accessing Google Sites:
    • Go to Google and search for “Google Sites.”
    • Click on the first link to reach the Google Sites homepage.
  • Starting Your Site:
    • Click on “Create” to begin a new site.
    • Choose a template or start from scratch to build your website.

Designing Your Unblocked Games Website

Customizing the Look

Designing your site is where you can get creative. Choose a catchy name for your site, select themes, and personalize the layout to make it visually appealing.

  • Title and Header: Give your website a name that reflects its purpose. Use a custom header image for a unique look.
  • Themes and Layout: Experiment with different themes and layouts to find the one that suits your style.

Adding Games to Your Website

Method 1: The Easy Way

  1. Find Your Game:
    • Search for your desired game on Google.
    • Copy the URL of the game.
  2. Embed the Game:
    • Go to your Google Site, click on “Insert,” then “Embed.”
    • Paste the URL and insert it into your page.

Method 2: The Recommended Way

  1. Inspect and Copy HTML:
    • Visit an unblocked games website like Tyrone’s Unblocked Games.
    • Right-click on the game and select “Inspect.”
    • Copy the relevant HTML code.
  2. Embed HTML:
    • Go back to your site, select “Embed” and choose the “Embed Code” option.
    • Paste the HTML code and preview the game before publishing.

Customizing Your Homepage

Enhancing User Experience

To make your homepage engaging, consider adding a content block with images and links.

  • Add Images:
    • Use Google to find suitable images and insert them into your content block.
    • Customize the block with titles and descriptions for each game.
  • Navigation Links:
    • Create links to different pages on your site for easy navigation.
    • Ensure each game is accessible from the homepage.


Congratulations! You’ve created a personalized unblocked games website that you can share with friends and enjoy at school. Customize it further as you learn more about web design, and have fun exploring the world of unblocked gaming.


Q: Can I use other platforms besides Google Sites?
A: Yes, other platforms like Wix or Weebly can also be used, but Google Sites is often less likely to be blocked by school networks.

Q: Is it legal to create an unblocked games website?
A: Generally, it is legal to create an unblocked games website, but ensure you comply with copyright laws and only use games that are permitted for redistribution.

Q: How can I prevent my site from being blocked?
A: Use discreet names and avoid obvious keywords that might trigger school filters. Regularly update your site to ensure it remains accessible.

For more detailed steps and additional tips, visit the original guide at Toolify.

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